Paper-E-Azam: This Store Uses Traditional Mughal Methods To Make Paper

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What Makes It Awesome

Stationery lovers, pay attention. The Bombay Paperie, a boutique located in South Mumbai, specialises in making beautiful and unique paper products made from recycled cotton pulp. The shop is a burst of colours and they sell a variety of products, all made with an ancient paper-making tradition which dates all the way back to the Mughal era. Each sheet of paper has been painstakingly made by paper-makers working out of Aurangabad.

Sheets of paper, in all shades imaginable, are stacked up against the walls. Paper lanterns – also made with the same material – are hanging over all their products, lighting the shop up in a warm glow. Paper decorations hang from the ceiling, and a beautiful wooden table in the middle of the store displays more of their paper. The sheets are all graded by colour, making the shop even more visually appealing.

The paper is textured and slightly frayed at the edges, which makes it ideal for any DIY projects you might have been considering. You can also try it out for home decor purposes – maybe upholster an old cupboard with these? They also sell folders with notepads and envelopes if you want to jazz up your official correspondence, for INR 250 a pack. If you love stationery, and are tired of seeing the same old mass-produced stuff at every outlet, go check this boutique out.


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