Ten-Second Takeaway

Are you a. a wordsmith b. in love with a fictional character c. an official book-sniffer or d. all of the above? You will fall in love with our latest find – a bag that looks like a book, or in more cohesive terms ‘a book clutch’.

Turning The Pages

14112016_bookclutch1Bhairavi Malkani is a designer who owns her own bags label called the Creative Box, and creative it for sure is. One of the cool products she sells is a book clutch, which is her artistic rendition on popular book and movie covers. These clutches are shaped just like a book, and look like a hardcover you are just carrying around. If one didn’t know any better, one would definitely think it was something you nicked out of a library.

These are hand-painted {made with acrylic paints, coated with a layer with varnish} and made on box board and covered with canvas. The size is usually 7.5X5 inches.Some of the covers she has made, and we have loved, are Amelie, Romeo & Juliet, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Eat Pray Love, Great Expectations, The Fault In Our Stars, Sex And The City, and Harry Potter. Talk about playing to the {right} crowd! These are priced between INR 2,000 and 2,500 each.

You can choose any book you love and ask her a cover of it for you too for INR 2,500. Sometimes, it’s not just a cover but you could ask for a favourite quote from a book and ask for that to be splashed in front of the bag. It could not be a better gift for a book-lover. {She isn’t taking orders for customised book bags until December, so hold your horses, you.}

#LBBTip: She will be present at her stall at the Kitsch Mandi this weekend, and you can catch her there.

So, We’re Saying..

14112016_bookclutch2Being forced to leave the confines of your bed, blanket and fictional beau? Carry this book bag as a statement of your protest wherever you go. And if you can manage to fit a pocket paperback inside the book clutch, you will thereby be deemed the master of bookception. Get in touch with Bhairavi for the magic here.

Photos source: Creative Box – Bhairavi Malkani