This Place In Lokhandwala Is That Cosy, Adorable Bookstore You've Always Dreamt Of

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What Makes It Awesome

Book Lovers, an aptly named bookshop, is a book-lover's personal heaven hidden in the Lokhandwala market. With its lovely and diverse collection and a cosy setting, it’s truly a hidden gem in Lokhandwala.

We love bookshops for two reasons: a) books and b) the ability to spend hours around these books in a cosy place that exudes warmth, knowledge and comfort. Book Lovers in the Lokhandwala market has been around for almost 26 years now, resting nicely on the main market road disguised as any other bookstore. However, what makes it special is its gorgeous teak-wood racks full of new edition books, a diverse collection of popular and not-so popular Indian and regional authors and a staff that knows their way around the bookstore like the back of their hand. They stock all sorts of books here from fiction, non-fiction, biographies to children’s books and magazines. In the age of social media convenience and Kindle, these bookstores are the tangible lifeline of us bibliophiles and lovers of books. It’s an undying romance often rekindled with more passion at such bookstores.The genre diversity, the knowledgeable staff (which is always a bonus), and the books, obviously. There’s something oddly comforting when you enter this bookstore.

Come in, have a browse and you won’t be batted an eyelid at. From the fantastic collection, we came across the regular and not-so-regular novels and books. There’s an entire poetry section staging Gulzar and Javed’s poetry. Then there’s the lovely history section including exceptional work by the likes of Nisid Hajari (of Midnight’s Furies), Kushwant Singh and more. Then there’s the regular Victorian classics, including the special illustrated versions for INR 225. 

Psst...we spotted a few mangas lying around, including a colour-me-in Asterix, and mangas by Tite Kubo. Apart from this, they even have pull-out desks attached to all of the wooden racks so the customers can flip through books patiently.


Book Lovers has been around for ages and we thought it’s time we let the wondrous gem out of its coal mine. It’s got a fantastic collection though it does rely a lot on Indian authors and classics which we aren’t complaining about at all. The books are priced decently and they offer a regular 10% off on all the books. There’s always a special place for book stores, a calm space, in such big cities, and this one is as special as it gets.

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