Book Lovers, There's A New Open Library In Mumbai That Is Free To All {And You Can Contribute Too}

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Book lovers, a special library, The Open Library Project, is now a reality in Mumbai, and it is free to one, and all.

The Open Library Project has been started off by Mumbai entrepreneur, Satyajit Roy who will be running this library out of his office in Worli. The idea behind the library is simple, and rather utilitarian, in the next three months, the library will stock at least 500 books {mostly non-fiction} that can be borrowed by anyone completely free of cost.

For Satyajit, the library will aim to stock books that will create a space for entrepreneurs to have access to genres that will inspire other entrepreneurs. Find auto biographies, success stories of companies/people, and people who're out there doing well in the start-up/ business space. Though not limited to business or start-ups, the books included will be on varied topics like gardening, landscaping, surfing, and other unconventional fields that ought to be explored more.

The library works in a simple manner, and has two rules; anyone can borrow one book at a time completely free of cost as long as they return it within the next 30 days. The second one being, write in at least two to three lines as to what you liked the best about the book.

What Could Be Better?

We do wish more fiction options could be included here {they do have limited fiction books}.

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Anything Else?

They are currently looking to crowd-source their library, and consider this as a call to action. They have taken out a list of 100 books, and anyone can reach out to them, and offer to donate a book from the list.

They will be crowd-sourcing for another three months and will be releasing more lists with the book names they're looking for.

Though people can walk into the library, and borrow whichever book they like, a website will be launched soon wherein you can check the availability of a specific book/or by the name of the author. Books can be delivered home too, with an additional charge.

Find the library on Instagram here - { the Facebook and the list of the books here - { contribute the books, you can get in touch via {0877-9702821}.

Their address is, EGK Foods, Unit no G41, Ground Floor, Madhu Industrial Estate, PB Marg, Worli 400013!

{Photo Courtesy: The Open Library Project's Instagram account}

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