Deepak Singh Bisht

    A Mumbai Reader Is Selling His Entire Collection of 1,000 Books & Here's How You Can Get Them

    Bhavika posted on 26 October


    Book lovers, keep your eyes peeled and your eyes open. A fellow bibliophile in Mumbai is selling his entire collection, and it could be yours.

    All Booked Out

    If you aren’t part of Mumbai’s online book community, you’re missing out on a lot – ardent book recommendations, passionate discussions, offline meets and of course, sales.

    One such book club, Bombay BYOB’s club member, Deepak Singh Bisht recently put up a post about the sale of his personal collection of books in Thane.

    The book lover has put up his entire collection of books on sale, and is looking for a new home for his books. Criteria: must love reading.

    There are over 1,000 books in his selection, which run across genres, and some which we can spot are the entire Dragon series by Stieg Larsson, John Grisham’s books, classics, Lee Child, Dan Brown and so many more {there are 1,000 in total, so you can imagine the variety}.

    He is selling this entire selection for INR 50,000 in total, making about half the collection free for the person who gets the book.

    So, We're Saying...

    If by some miracle you have a whole lot of space in your home, or were just looking for a 1,000 books to buy for a very discounted price, this is for you.

    We can’t guarantee that you will get the entire selection, as it is open to discussion and conversation, but you can get in touch with him by calling him on 9833432271.

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    Deepak Singh Bisht


    Deepak Singh Bisht