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    Get Secondhand Books Home-Delivered At Ridiculously Low Prices From This Website

    Bhavika posted on 30 January


    As lovers and readers of books, old and new, we’re happy to share with you the link to an e-store that sells secondhand books at ridiculously good prices.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Wishing for some racy Danielle Steel? It’s yours for INR 70. Want to reread The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo {and parts 2 and 3}? It’s yours for a massive discount. Some Bill Bryson, anyone? What’re you even waiting for?

    It’s well-divided into categories such as fiction, non-fiction, children’s and it’s even got its share of business and management books.

    If there’s something that you would love to have in your bookcase for a reasonable price, you can even request them to order a book for you by filling up a form.

    Books will be delivered within 3-4 days.


    If you’re strapped for time, order in these books from their website.

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