Bookmark It: This Brand Makes Artisanal Home Décor Products

    What Makes It Awesome

    Anuja Suriya is an artist who brings her creative genius onto paper with her gorgeous illustrations under Antara. She shapes her handmade illustrations into bookmarks, home décor, stationary and other fashion and lifestyle products and sells them as artisanal pieces, something you must have in your homes.

    Her beautiful diaries (INR 219) have colourful illustrations spread across the cover pages. She also sells travel journals with 120 ruled pages for INR 199, perfectly sized for you to fill up your summer vacation travels. She also sells sets of bookmarks (INR 199 for a set of 5) spread across themes of wilderness and pretty places around the world. You can also get some home décor with her paintings (set of 3 for INR 800) and fancy greeting cards for your loved ones (INR 199 for a set of 4).

    We’d love to support local brands and their unique creations, and Antara is on our list next!


    You can shop her products on Shop LBB.