Book Lovers: This Is The One Group In Mumbai You Absolutely Need To Follow

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What Makes It Awesome

A duo of readers and lovers of books sit together every once in a while, and discuss fiction as if fact, protagonists as though dearer than family, and plots thicker than reality – and we love them all the more for it. This community calls itself Books On Toast

Sharin Bhatti, co-owner of the Cuckoo Club and Anuya Jakatdar, now full-time writer, unabashedly enjoy storytelling and have it like a wholesome meal. Layered with puns, witticisms and presented as a book club, this is their creative genius, Books On Toast.

The idea began with massive book sales organised with the collection of books donated by the thoughtful (or space-deprived). These second-hand books were then sold for INR 50 (for paperbacks) and INR 100 (for hardcovers), the money from which went to the Dharavi Art room (an NPO teaching art and reading to children from Dharavi). So, what you buy will have an effect into what someone will learn.

Talk, breathe and read books with their podcast called BoTcasts where they invite guests who have included comedians and avid readers till now.

During these trying times, they have some amazing book recommendations, discussions, interviews, botcasts (Book podcasts) lined up on their Facebook page. So, all you bookworms, here’s a friendly companion online to vibe with online!

Readers will love it, but even if you haven’t opened a book in your life or are a compulsive book-leaving halfway person, dontcha worry. They have fun with you with topics such as ‘Books We Could Never Finish’ or doing books like “Never Read A Book In Your Life’.

Follow them on Facebook to be in the know. Follow their YouTube channel here for massive book-ish entertainment.


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