Giveaway: Play This Travel Treasure Hunt From & Win A Drone!

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What Is It?, Mumbai’s most innovative travel store, where you can rent, try or buy travel gear, is running an online contest. All you gotta do is identify four iconic destinations that probably are on your bucket list already and you can win a selfie camera drone plus other cool prizes!

OK, And Why Should I Participate?

Well, if you are fond of leaving the city behind and heading to places unknown {or known}, a camera drone will capture your journey like nothing else. And that’s not it. All eligible participants will get discount voucher of up to 25% off which can be redeemed to rent everything- from luggage to lenses and every other travel gear one can think of. With their normal rentals being less than 1% of MRP per day, that’s a real steal for your next trip.

Anything Else?

Well, if you still want more incentive, Bragpacker will invite some participants to their Traveller’s Club where you can use their select travel gear inventory {backpacks, cameras/ lenses, camping gear, etc}  all year, without having to pay a single paisa. All you have to do is opt-in {the quiz form}, await the mail and if you are selected, simply engage with them over social media {YAY!}.

Awesome, Where Can I Take The Quiz?

Click here and start your quiz. It shouldn’t take you more than three minutes {we bet}.

For more information on Bragpacker, check out their website here, follow them on Facebook here, twitter here and Instagram here.

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