Coasters By These Indie Brands Are Just What Your Table Needs


    We've all been that one person that will leave a cool, refreshing drink (read: iced drink) on the table while condensation takes its natural course of action and leaves your poor glass in a pool of water. And, if this has happened on a wooden table, you might just lose a friend in the process (we all have an OCD buddy, amirite?) So, it's time to take matters into your own hands and make sure you are a good host and well, a better guest! These brands make coasters that are sure to make your life easy, as it has mine. Let's check them out!

    Over A Pint Of Beer

    Well, the name is as clear as it can possibly get. This brand has some of the funkiest coasters I've seen in a while and I know I've already added my piece to the cart. A lot of their products have human elements and faces on them, from home furnishing to decor and even fashion. If you're the type to appreciate art, don't forget to add this to your collection! 



    Available on LBB

    If you love IKEA type of kitchen ware, you'll love this brand called Fun/ctional. With contemporary designs, they have lovely coasters, trays and candle stands. A lot of their products are made with cork. The brand provides ethical alternatives to everyday products that are practical and pretty to look at. Check it out right here on LBB. 

    The Pitara Project

    If you believe that living sustainably is the way to go, check out The Pitara Project, a brand that has all types of tableware, from wooden plates to coasters, wooden trays to even pen stands. These pieces are painted on with colourful geometric patterns and are a must for anyone who loves the minimalist trend. 

    Design Vesign Inc

    Concrete is the latest trend when it comes to home accessories and decor and one brand that's captured that essence real good is Design Vesign Inc. They believe in creating unconventional products using glass, concrete, wood and brass, amongst other things. All their products are sourced from Indian artisans across the country, each product adding a touch of class to your space. Get your chic coasters and add some spunk to your homes already.

    Vishishtta by Kanishtha

    Well, another trend doing the rounds is marbled accessories, and if you like the simplicity of it, this brand stands out. Using minimal patterns and designs, the brand specialises in two tone effects that are total statement pieces. The brand makes coasters, earrings and wall clocks, each of them making a splash on their own. Have you ordered yours yet?

    House This

    House This

    Available on LBB

    Give your dining space a makeover with products from House This, a brand that is known to create stunning pieces like their marble and brass coasters, wall art pieces, cushion covers, marble cheese platters and so much more. We love how simple their designs are and with the play of two elements, how simple things like coasters get elevated to a whole new level.

    Stylish Delights

    This young brand is all about resin. The brand has agate and resin coasters in different shapes like triangles, kettles, flowers or even circles and come in a variety of colours. What we love is that they are stunning to look at and are chic enough for any sort of occasion you'd want to use them for. Plus, they make for great gifts, especially if you're going for a housewarming party.


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