Friend Got Dumped? Get Them This Break-Up Kit To Help Them Get Over It

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There are some times in life that a good, fat wallow is required. For situations like those, there exists a break-up kit. The contents of it as are follows.

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

Break-ups are hard, whether you are the one that initiated it, or got {in slightly harsh words} dumped. This break-up kit comes filled with some of the essentials to help one with after a tough break-up. It includes a small bottle of alcohol {of your choice}, a bar of dark chocolate, a tissue box, a bubble stick. They could also throw in some pick-me-ups such as a bright shade of lipstick or even a waterproof mascara.

So, We’re Saying…

Even if your friend has broken up with the guy you knew wasn’t right all along, saying ‘I told you so’ is probably not the best idea. Give her/him some TLC and this kit.

Price: Starts at INR 1,000