No Servers Here: This City Restaurant Will Let You Place Your Order On Clipboards

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An eatery in Navi Mumbai has the most unusual way of taking orders- through conveyor belts, and not servers. Say what!

It's True

At Bruciato Food Factory, a small five-table eatery in Airoli, human interaction is reduced yet again with a novel way of taking orders. You no longer have to flail your arm about to catch the server’s attention, as here, you simply have to jot down your order on a clipboard and then stick it to a revolving chain.

Within a few minutes, your order will be served {by a human, sorry, no conveyor belt facility here}.

What's On The Menu?

The menu is extremely budget friendly, and covers all your basic fast food groups – burgers, pizza, hot dogs, pasta, and then some more.

You can also order salads here. We hear that their jalapeño lime chicken burger, pink tango pasta and Nutella mug cake are delicious.

So, We're Saying...

Dishes start at a humble INR 100 here, so you can order lots and not shell out more than INR 500 for two people. Sounds like a fun experience to us!


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