Broke And Fixing It: Hit Up These Eateries Around Matunga For A Date Under INR 500

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Ten-Second Takeaway

College means independence and living on a budget {adulthood is no less, kids}. And dating is not untouched, when it comes to constraints. So, if you’ve got limited money in your pocket but a lot of determination in your heart, read on. We’ve put together a list of cute hangout spots in Matunga that won’t let you pay more than INR 500 for a date.

Cafe 2.0

If you and your partner bond over fries – then Cafe 2.0 will hit the spot for both of you. They have cheesy fries {starting at INR 80}, burgers {INR 90}, potato twisters {INR 50} and milkshakes starting at INR 50. If you go the whole hog i.e. INR 500, you’ll have to skip dinner {because all of these yummies will be dinner}.

King's Circle

King’s Circle is a treasure island for those who eat out on a budget. From Madras Cafe to Just Chill 7, you can let yourself loose here. Great for those who like to hop from one place to the other. Here’s a detailed recommendation on the eateries you must explore.

The Bogeto Cafe

A little more expensive than the others on the list, The Bogeto Cafe is a quaint little space opposite Cafe Gulshan. You can order quesadilla {INR 195}, home made ravioli in pesto sauce {INR 295} and more. To save some money and effort, you can eat from one plate too. Too much cheese? Take it or leave it.


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