Ten-second Takeaway

Theobroma, our favourite dessert parlour with the best brownies {not open to debate}, is branching out to open a new burger and beer joint named Three Chicks and A Bear in Lower Parel.

Calling All The Food-a-Holics

So you know how we have a lot of places which serve beer and then burgers are tossed on the side? Not here, where priorities are strictly charted out. Brilliant burgers first. And wine and craft beer after.

From what we hear, the idea is to summon up memories from childhood and serve us the best burgers from India, give us maybe a taste of an Israeli Burger, choose from what the Mexicans eat and, taste the world. Along with that, we can expect appetisers, sides, shakes here too. We’re so heading here to fill ourselves up after work.

One Brownie, Please

Photo source: Theobroma

Photo source: Theobroma

Why, of course! Three Chicks and A Bear {name courtesy a childhood family story; visit soon to find out why} also has a Theobroma sharing the same space. So, if you want to be experimental and order your old favourites dessert or Butty sandwiches too, this is where to be. The location near all the office spaces in Lower Parel is fantastic and easily accessible too.

So, When Is It Opening?

This burger bar is set to open 3 weeks from now, close to the Independence Day weekend. Patience, as always, is a virtue and we’re going to be waiting. {ignores stomach rumbling}.

When: In 3 weeks {3rd week of August} or so. We will keep you posted.

Featured photo source: Mali Maeder via Pexels [CCo]