No Time To Look After Real Plants? These Artificial Ones Will Work Perfectly!

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Love plants but are a lazy gardener? Or, simply don't have a green thumb? Well, if you've nodded your head for even one of these questions, this list is for you. We're allowing you to skip the dirt and clutter, and bring home artificial plants which look SO real! 

Here's a list of amazing e-stores where you can buy artificial plants online. 

PS: While you'll find the popular nurseries like NurseryLive, FernsNPetals or Flower Aura here, we've curated a list of online nurseries you might have missed out and which probably deserve your attention.

Fourwalls: For Endless Plant Options

Buy Artificial Plants Online in India | Artificial Trees Online

Fourwalls is a great online nursery which probably has the best (and largest) collection for artificial plants and flowers. Think plant hangers, creepers, potted floor plants, desk plants - they've got plants in all sizes for your home. Find Japanese maple plant, Boston ferns, Arica floor plants, banana leaves, rose plant and more. If you've got a spacious living room, these plants are the best addition.   

Price: INR 300 and upwards. 

#LBBTip: We're head over heels for their cherry blossom flowers. Definitely cart those.

Nestasia: For A Pastel Paradise

Artificial Flowers And Plants

If you're not looking to add lots of greenery and want more of vibrancy and colour, these artificial planters from Nestasia are for you! Bring these home and you'll get major royal wedding vibes. Promise! And each one of their product is simply so elegant and chic. We're crushing hard over their artificial succulents and mini planters. Perfect for your WFH desk. 

Price: INR 250 and upwards.     

#LBBTip: Some planters are on the higher-end, but totally worth the splurge.  

Kusal: Mainly For Their Bamboo Bonsai

Fake And Artificial Plants

We're sure you didn't know about these guys, but they're acing it since 1990s. Known for their artificial silk plants and flowers, they aim to deliver both beauty and durability. They've got more than 150 planters for you to choose from. You can choose from their bamboo bonsai, bamboo shoots (OMG, these are cool), cactus, creepers, flamingo flowers and many more.  

Price: INR 250 and upwards.

1st Home: For Mini Planters & Bright Flowers

Artificial Planters For Home

1st Home is another hidden gem. While they're mostly into wholesale, they've got a bunch of options for buyers like you and me. You're sure to fall for their life-like tulips. We can completely imagine these as a great addition to our living or dining room. They've also got these cute mini Bonsai plants for your work desk or coffee table. 

Price: INR 200 and upwards. 

Also, we've found 10 e-stores for the best garden accessories. (And they're green thumb approved!)

Address Home: For Home Luxury Planters

Luxe Artificial Plants

Spoiler alert: chic overload (and be prepped to splurge)

This brand has taken artificial planters to another level. Super chic, luxe and fancy is something you'll find in all their artificial plants and flowers. Think gold pomegranate pearls, chic orchids, silver faux tulip, sugarcane potted plant and many more. 

Price: INR 250 and upwards.   


Planters From Elemntl

We absolutely love the Amazon jungle feel that the Elemntl plants and planters add to the house. You can get the artificial banana, Fiddle Leaf Fig and rubber plants in plastic pots, to add that necessary greenery to your home. And then forget about forever more! Priced at INR 899 upwards, it isn't much for having a garden without having to do the hard work!


To add more of the garden into your home, check out our section on planters, pots and more.


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