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Pair This Bookish Candle With Your Current Read To Get The Cozy Experience

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What Makes It Awesome

Whispering Flames is the innovative brainchild of Afia. She’s elevated the reading experience for all us bookworms with her fantastic smelling candles, all based off of books. You can get a Buttery Beer Candle (which smells exactly like how it would taste), candles based off of A Court of Thorns and Roses, a Quidditch one (with earthy notes of muddy grass, rain and the excitement before every match), a Currently Reading one (think a mix of the fireplace, books and aromatic coffee) and so many more. 

Her candles are 100% vegan and made of soy wax. They aren’t infused with just a hint of fragrance but are crafted to give you that same aroma each time you light your candle. The candles are also double wicked so that you aren’t left with a tunnel at the end of your candle jar. With no paraffin and made with organic scents, this is as good as it can get. She also produces some exclusive candles for Boxed subscriptions and the theme of her candles keep changing, so if you like something, better buy it quick!

She also does yummy lip balms based off of books, stickers, coasters and other stationery bits and bobs. Our favourite lip balm is the Circus Treats one which tastes like warm butterscotch. 

Price: INR 40 – INR 700. 


Follow @whisperingflames to be updated about her new releases. You can also aim to become her Instagram representative and get a chance to win free goodies!