We Can't Keep Our Paws Off This Store: Get Discounts On Food & Toys At This Bandra Pet Shop

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What Makes It Awesome

Shopawholic is a budget-friendly pet supplies store in Bandra that lets you keep your pooch happy without your wallet going empty.

Probably the only store in Bandra that sells pet accessories, food and supplies on a discount, Shopawholic is a blessing of sorts for pet parents in Bandra and Khar. Specially if you’ve shopped in Bandra pet stores and had a mini heart attack looking at the price of a tiny chew toy priced at INR 1,200. You'll find the usual supply of  leashes, collars, cute accessories, doggie bath sprays, treats, exotic foods, and more in store. What's great is that they also stock some indie brands for cat and dog food like Applawse. 

Shopawholic is pretty awesome considering most of the pet shops in Bandra charge you exorbitantly just because they are located in Bandra. 

If your order is above INR 1,000, you get a discount (8% if you’re paying by card). If you're an animal lover and regularly volunteer and feed strays, this might be a great place for you to stock up on essentials that you'd need to feed and take care of your cat and dog babies.

They also offer grooming and spa services for your pet. So we'd totally hit them up for a day of pampering for your pooch or kitty!


If you never got the logic of spending a huge chunk of your salary on pet supplies, check this one out. They are friendly and have a huge collection of toys, leashes and treats.

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