Join The Clean Beauty Community With This Brand Free Of Toxic Chemicals

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Sublime Life

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What Makes It Awesome

Sublime Life is a cosmetics and skincare brand which strives for clean beauty. 

What is clean beauty, you ask? Products which are cruelty-free, consciously made and the safest to use are considered clean beauty. They strive to leave no carbon footprints on the planet and everything is made recyclable, even the plastic packaging in which your stuff is delivered to you;

When you use Sublime Life’s products, you will realise that your previous skincare regime was doing more harm than good. Commercialised in pretty boxes, most skincare brands are packed with unfriendly chemicals to make the product seem attractive and fun to use. With Sublime Life, you can buy products according to ingredients that suit you or by your skin type. They have both skin and hair care products and will take care of your body the real way. 

You can also opt for aromatherapy and body treatment products on their website. They also have a stretch mark bundle (INR 822) for all the moms out there. All-natural and gentle, you and your skin are bound to have a good time. Some of their certified brands include Sukin, Ohira, Cowshed, Klairs, Ras and much more. 


For their skincare range (INR 235- INR 5,450), we suggest you shop by your skin concerns, whether it is dark spots, dehydration, oily skin, wrinkles or any other concerns you are facing. 


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