Rage On: This Vitamin-Infused Coffee Will Keep Your Spirits High

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Rage Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

We came across a rather delightful coffee brew by this new, vitamin-based coffee brand called Rage. They have 100% Arabica beans and produce a strong cup of joe along with a stimulating aroma. The coffee isn’t just crack in a cup or won't leave with a bitter watery taste but is rather refreshing and energizing. Bonus, this is instant coffee so you don't need any additional paraphernalia to brew the perfect cup - all you need is a cup and a spoonful of coffee!

They come in various flavours, Irish Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Crème Caramel, Sparky Orange and more. You can either get a 100gms jar (INR 499) or coffee shots (10 for INR 499, 20 for INR 599, 30 for INR 749). Every shot in a tube is filled with vitamins which will give you a perfect start for a long day.

You can also get their steel coffee flask which isn’t super fancy but sleek and good to carry for when you need your dose of caffeine on the go. 


We recommend you stop chasing those cafe brews and try this instant coffee instead. You will be pleasantly surprised that coffee can also become a good habit. You can buy your brew on the LBB Shop online.