25 Brands For All Styles Of Cushion Covers: Macrame, Velvet, Embroidered & More!

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When it comes to home decor, cushions are underestimated. TBH, these small, fluffy things work more like perfume. Just a hint of it is enough to make its presence felt in the entire room. Got a plain set of sofas? Throw in a couple of cushions and there, you've got some drama. A boring little corner? They can add a pop of colour in a way you'd never know. Or care more about decor than utility? Swarm your bed with these!

Long story short, cushions are a great (& easy) way to add vibrancy, drama and pop of colour in one's space. Now, just like you went gaga over Zayn Malik's Pillow Talk, it's time to start obsessing over these brands that are churning out some of the quirkiest cushions.

Binary Home: For A Pop Of Colour

Binary Home

This one's an amazing furnishing brand that aces all things home with a contemporary touch! Pop of colour and vibrancy is something you'll notice in most of their cushions. So, we'd say, if you've got a plain couch or a solid coloured sofa set, these beauties are for you!

Price: INR 500 upwards

PS: They've also got some nature-inspired patterns. We love their tropical ones. 

Amoliconcepts: If You Love Pop Art

Amoli Concepts

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Truly truly thank our Shop for highlighting this amazing brand. Amoliconcepts is all about infusing retro and pop art into your home. And their cushion covers are worth obsessing over. Freida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn and more, these handcrafted cushions are a great way to add that much-required spunk to the rooms.

Price: INR 1,550 upwards (yep, slightly pricey, but happy to splurge)

Bandbox: If Inspirational Quotes Is Your Thing


Let your home do the talking. And what's a better way to do that than adding some motivational or sassy quotes! Bandbox has some really cute printed cushions with quotes in love handwriting. Think quotes like "Let It Go", "And On Sundays We Do Nothing", "I Like Naps", "Darling You're Fabulous". And these come in the cutest pastels. It would be a great addition to you your kawaii collection. 

Price:  INR 490 upwards

Chungi Store: For Indian Weaves & Patterns

Chungi Store

Chungi Store is all about adding a traditional and Indian heritage touch to your home. Heavy on patterns, these cushions will work best on your bed with a plain bedsheet, swing or your balcony area. Expect fine florals, tribal culture, Indian couple faces and more. 

Price: INR 630 upwards

Monkinz: If You're Still A Kid At Heart


Yep. Monkinz lets your inner child out. And their cushions are so cute! And if you love animals, even better. They've got the cutest collection of animal-themed cushions. Penguins, elephants, monkey and many more. They've even got cushions which are star-shaped, rainbow-shaped and unicorn ones too!

And we want all of them!

Price: INR 1,000 upwards

Whe By Abira: If You're Crazy About Embroidery

Whe By Abira

Whe By Abira is a lot like the Chungi Store mentioned above. Detailing, traditional prints and bright colours. But they've also got a great collection of embroidered ones. Those actually steal the show. We love the ones with floral detailing.

Price: INR 1399 upwards

Studio Covers: All Things Luxe

Studio Covers

Faux fur, chevron and macrame, these cushions are for those who love luxury (& are happy to splurge). We're really crushing hard on Studio Covers' macrame cushion covers. We love it. Period.

Price: INR 1,200 upwards

Twig & Twine: For Luxe-Looking Affordable Picks

Twig & Twine

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This brand is for everyone who wants to step up their home decor with statement, luxe pieces that don’t cost a bomb. The cushion cover collection comes in different sizes, textures like tufted embroidery and styles. Update your cushion covers to look boujie without spending a lot.

Price: INR 699 upwards

Sivya: If You Love Cool Graphics

Sivya By Home

From cute rainbow embroidery to cute doodles and graphics, cushions from Sivya will just get you to say 'aww'. Our personal favourite is the mix tape themed cushion which takes the shape of a music tape. If you love pastels, florals and cutest prints, they've a bunch of options for you as well. They also make stuffed pillows in cutesy kid themes that make for fun surprise presents!

Price: INR 495 upwards

Ode & Cleo: For Lovers Of Silver & Gold

Ode & Cleo

Ode & Cleo comes with some really classic and elegant prints. Expect lots of shiny silver prints and gold detailing. So, if you're got a plain sofa set or a boring bedsheet, these are perfect to add drama. We love the silver and golden paisley detailing cushion covers. So chic. Oh, and if you're looking for something more luxe, you can always bank of their velvet finish cushions. 

Price: INR 900 upwards

Knotty Dhaage: If You Heart All Things Macrame

Knotty Dhaage

If you haven't joined the macrame bandwagon yet, we're here to ask you why? Knotty Dhaage if perfect if you want to indulge your love for all things boho with their handcrafted macrame cushion covers. Expect lots of knotted patterns and bohemian designs in neutral creams and off-white hues. 

They've also got planters and wall hangings to complete the look.

Price: INR 999 upwards

Indysutra: If Ikat Is Your One True Love


Indysutra celebrates all things Indian with their gorgeous weaves and patterns. If you love all things Ikat, their collection of Ikat weave covers in a variety of patterns and hues will be just what that bare corner needs. We love that there are many different colours to choose from warm yellows to cool blues.

Price: INR 699 upwards

Label Halfway Home: For Nature Lovers Who Love Pretty Florals

Halfway Home

Halfway Home means finding the beauty in the imperfections of nature. And this label's pretty cushion covers certainly celebrate all things floral. They've got pretty covers with ruffles and piping featuring flower prints. Create your own nature corner at home with planters, succulents, and these cute cushions. 

Price: INR 860 upwards

Curiouser: For Quirky Hand-drawn And Illustrated Designs


If you are all about expressing your individuality through your decor choices, then you'll love these offbeat designs from Curiouser. Their products are sustainable, and their designs hand-drawns and illustrated. Quirky concepts and cool illustrations mean no more boring corner in your home. Most of their cushions are reversible, so you get two designs for one price!

Price: INR 1,550 upwards

Huecoast: For Tie-Dye Lovers


Huecoast is all about that tie-dye love. They have a great selection of tie-and-dye and shibori art cushions. Each cushion is unique in its design and pattern as they are handmade with love. Pop these on a plain sofa for a nice, subtle burst of colour.

Price: INR 600 upwards 

Kairu: For Cushions With Drama & Pizzaz

Kairu scores real big in our cushion covers book for the variety it displays and the drama it can add to any corner or setting. They have tassels, pompoms, fringes, frills, ruffles, polkas, embossed embroidery and so much more to choose from, you'll maybe want 'em all! Can we also point out that Kairu loves to repurpose extra fabric to create these charming additions.

Price: INR 745 upwards

Kirti Finishing: If Velvet Plays To Your Heartstrings

Kirti Finishings

Kirti Finishing's cushion covers have a special place in our hearts, one because it is made of velvet and two, for it's nature inspired designs -- tropical jungle to cottegecore farm aesthetic. The brand also has it's colours spot on to the vintage vibe. We image these to elevate the luxe factor in any home.

Price: INR 800 upwards

Silver Bliss: For Snuggable Luxury

Silver Bliss

Silver Bliss has a range of ultra-soft, cozy and snuggable cushions that will make for a great addition to your couch or lounge area. Whether you want to add a pop of colour or a dash of texture to your loveseat or just want to jazz up a boring sofa, these cushions offer an opulent vibe that stands out no matter where you put them. The stitching is super neat with a hidden zipper so you can even use the plain solid side of the cushion for a change. 

Price: INR 999 upwards

Sanskruti Homes: For Threads & Weaves

Sanskruti Homes

Rustic, muted hues and embroidery, Sanskruti Homes is bringing to us an array of chic cushions which brings home rich fabrics and handwoven beauties. Expect lots of Macrame, thread work and embroidery. 

Price: INR 699 upwards 

GM: Chic Sustainable Collection

GM Living

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Known for their premium quality fabrics for home décor, GM on Nykaa Fashion makes make jacquard decorative fabrics for drapery, upholstery, wide sheers and embroidery. Their line of cushion covers are elegant, playful and simply splendid. And they are turning to eco-friendly yarns to keep it sustainable. 

Price: INR 749 upwards

Bianca: For The Aesthetically Inclined



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Bianca is a brand that does high quality, innovative, aesthetic and premium home decor. They offer a wide range of cushion covers in Indian and nature-inspired prints. The standout feature is the trim on the cushion covers that add a hint of allure to it all.

Price: INR 499 upwards

Pure Home + Living: Colour-Coordinated Decor

Pure Home & Living

Pure Home & Living

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This brand has a simple, elegant and classy collection that is colour-coordinated, making it easier for you to make the perfect selection to amp up your home. The cushion covers are beautifully crafted and designed. The colours are soft, muted, neutrals and pastels that elevate your home.

Price: INR 499 onwards

Maspar: For Fine Craftsmanship



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If craftsmanship and attention to detail is what you need when it comes to cushion covers, then give Maspar a try. Their line is muted, subtle and regal. Grab stately greys, plush blues, fancy beige and more. 

Price: INR 549 upwards

Amorosa: Art On A Cover



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Vibrant and beautiful, that's Amorosa in a nutshell. The cushion covers are art pieces come to life. There's a bunch of colourful options to choose from.

Happy Hues: Curated Colour Palette

Happy Hues

Happy Hues

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Bright as the summer, this colourful cushion cover collection has bohemian flowers hand-embroidered over cotton linen. Happy Hues is aptly named for the beautiful colour palette are truly stunning.  

Price: INR 1,399 upwards


The LBB Shop has an envious and dare we say some of the best cushion and pillow cover collection and brands -- over 100 brands and over 1000 options. And since we are on the subject of making our homes cosy and colourful with cushions and pillows, check out these Brands For Rugs & Floor Coverings too!


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