Doll Up: Buy Dresses, Tops And More From This Matunga Shop Starting At INR 500

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Stop paying for the air-conditioning at the malls, head to this store and save up for better things in life. Alive Cotton in Matunga has a collection that'll make you want to come again. 

What Makes It Awesome

They have dresses starting at INR 800, tops starting at INR 500 and you can get a pair of jeans starting INR 1,000. The clothes are neatly lined up and the staff is helpful. If you study at one of the colleges around – Wellingkar, Ruia, Poddar, etc. you should drop by. It’s good for a quick pick up for a party or a date (or maybe your freshers?)

There’a certain charm that the city has retained with these standalone, export houses that sell good quality stuff for much lower than what you’d pay at a mall (Small businesses to the rescue) and Alive Cotton is one that needs to be bookmarked right away. 


In case you're planning a visit, don't forget to shop for the tunics and tops. They're all worth the price you pay. 


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