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Not Just Sweet Scented: Add These Natural Essential Oils To Your Beauty Routine

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Auroshikha Essential Oils

What Makes It Awesome

I've had a fascination for aromatherapy and essential oils for many years now. And I've personally found incorporating essential oils into my wellness routine to be beneficial, all round.

Thanks to my interest in essential oils and their benefits, I picked up a set of oils from Auroshikha - Rose, Geranium, Lemongrass and Bergamot. Each of these come with their own benefits. Combining these (carefully!) with the right carrier oil means you get wonderful at-home massage oil blends that smell great and are natural too! While lemongrass and bergamot are uplifting scents and are great to elevate your mood, the rose is a particular favourite. Post threading or waxing, I have used the rose oil (blended with almond oil) to soothe inflamed skin and found it very calming. Similarly, adding a drop or two of the Bergamot and Lemongrass in bathwater definitely helps pep up my mood on a tough day.

Each of the oils come in 10ml dark glass bottles to protect it from light. They come with an instruction pamphlet on the best way to utilize the oils. They are potent and definitely last quite a while if stored properly.

How To Use It: 10-15 drops in bath, 3-5 drops in hotwater for steaming, 10-15 drops/ 1 cup carrier oil (sesame, jojoba, coconut, almond, olive)

Price: INR 480 onwards


What Could Be Better

These are a little tough to get your hands on as stocks run out.


They are available online at Amazon and Flipkart