Snack Goals: Switch To Low-Calorie Gourmet Snacks With Popicorn

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What Makes It Awesome

Popicorn makes gourmet popcorn which has easily become addictive for us. Munching on some snacks while binge-watching a series is nothing new to us, but Popicorn added a whole new registry of flavours and textures to our snack-time with their popcorn. 

Ready to eat, highly nutritious and interesting flavours are what defines Popicorn. They have smoked jalapeno popcorn for allspice fanatics, cheddar cheese popcorn for cheese lovers, creamy cheese and tomato chilli (which were a pure delight) and your usual salted and piri piri masala. Each bite is full of flavour and will satisfy your cravings for the times you don’t want to eat a whole meal. Not to mention, you won’t be binging on junk food but rather wholesome snacks. 

Popicorn is available online on Big Basket, Amazon and Paytm Mall as well as in several supermarkets. In case you want to order in bulk, you can contact them on 

Price: INR 35 INR 65 for one pack.


If you’re on a gluten-free diet, Popicorn is the best option. There is also no trans fat and no artificial colours or flavours.


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