New Trend Alert! We’re Obsessed With These Whipped Cream Soaps

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What Makes It Awesome

On our daily scrolling through Instagram, we came across a lot of different and quirky bath products from Nytarra. What lured us in were their mesmerizing soap cutting videos which looked utterly delicious. Their catalogue had some surprising products: whipped cream soaps, floral tonics, body grains, cleansing balms, an everyday face oil and natural cream deodorants, amongst other things.

Nytarra practices clean and conscious skincare and produces quite a pampering session packed in all-natural ingredients. Their soaps are infused with essential oils, florals, clays and everything that is good for your skin. Not to mention, they are delightfully pleasing to look at and their products just make us oh so happy!

They also strive to become eco-friendly and send their products in recyclable paper. The products are not just good to look at, but are also great for your skin. No artificial fragrances are used and are suitable for all types of skin. 

Price: INR 595 for the whipped cream soap, INR 200-250 for soaps, INR 400 for hair masks. Most of their products come under INR 1000. 


If you’re switching to a zero-waste lifestyle, we recommend you try their shampoo and conditioner bars. They last for 6 months and are seriously good for your hair!


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