This Brand Is Changing The Way We Consume Quinoa. And We're In Love!

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Queen's Quinoa

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What Makes It Awesome

Queen Quinoa was started by a brother-sister duo after realising how the hectic city life has impacted their nutritional intake. As the name suggests, this healthy snack brand has mastered and changed the way we consume quinoa. So, think of if as replacing ingredients we use on day-to-day basis with quinoa. From snacks and munchies to atta and pasta. They do it all. 

Lets dig in directly into my personal favourite, their quinoa chips. Packed in chic cylindric containers, their quinoa chips will make you forget the usual junk we opt to consume. These come in three flavours including chili tomato, cream onion and classic masala. You can also chose to buy their combo. They've also got some yummy crisps which are baked. Expect flavours like achaari, Thai chilli and pizza. I could legit munch on these all day (and night). 

Apart from snacks, you can buy their healthy and gluten free quinoa pasta. Well, they're kinda taking health to the next level by also offering pasta made of bajra. You can also buy the quinoa grain or atta if you're looking to whip some amazing recipes from them. These too are rich in fibre and high protein. 

Their products start from INR 180 and upwards. You can buy all their products on their Facebook and Amazon as well.


I'd say this brand is really done all the hard work, and all we've got to do is make the switch to a healthier lifestyle that too without compromising on taste. 


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