Trail Mixes, Prunes & Walnuts: Do Binge Snacking The Right Way

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What Makes It Awesome

Regency Snacks is determined to bring our snacking diet back to greatness with their tasty snacks. They have dried berries and fruits, nuts, trail mixes and nutritious seeds for you to add to your diet. From dried kiwi filled with vitamins to a gluten-free diet with Quinoa to berry merry mornings with their dried berries, there are so many options to snack healthy!

If you’re tired of the regular Badaam and Kaju, try their range of dried fruits (INR 200- INR 500) instead. They have dried blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, figs and cranberries. We topped them in our morning smoothie bowls as well our home-made cakes. 

We ended up binge-eating our pack of dried pineapples (INR 237) without even realizing it. They also sell a trail mix which includes a mix of nuts, berries and dried fruits best paired with cold milk. You could also make some healthy energy bars at home with their trail mixes. 


It's about time you bin those chips and biscuits and get on to some real health. We’re already checking out our cart filled with these dried fruits, what about you?


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