Feminine Care Done Right: Get This All-Natural Hygiene Wash From Imbue

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What Makes It Awesome

How often have you faced challenges when it comes to taking care of your intimates? Imbue provides practical hygiene solutions so that your lady parts don't seem like a puzzle to you. They have 2 natural Ayurveda based products with no artificial colours, fragrances, parabens or any other additives, it is as natural as it can get. These products can be your ultimate guide to feminine hygiene. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals because there aren’t any! Imbue believes in the power of nature when it comes to body care.

You can use their intimate hygiene wash as a cleansing ritual if you’re new to all this. These solutions are particularly helpful if you are travelling. If you’re up in the mountains or have no water available, you can use their intimate hygiene foam which does not require any water to use the product. With each of their products that you use comes a set of instructions on usage, so that you don’t get bewildered with the process. 

Imbue also encourages open conversations for your doubts and issues and we’ve found safe refuge on their platform. They have several articles busting myths about sex, “perfect bodies”, grooming, vaginal care, periods, orgasm town and more. Their blog is a wealth of information about the female body and there is loads of information for you to get intimate with.

Price: INR 282 each for the Intimate hygiene wash and foam.


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