We've Found The Funkiest Lamps For Your Coffee Table. And They're LIT!

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What Makes It Awesome

Got a dull boring corner? They'll brighten it up. The coffee table's got books collecting dust? Add one of these and you've got a centre of attraction in the room. Got a huge window or patio? These will make a perfect addition there. This is the reason I love lamps and they're one of my favourite home accessories! They're funky, they're versatile and can easily add drama to a boring room.

Now, if I've converted you to liking lamps (if not buying one), I'd like you to say hello to San She. Their motto is to turn art into lovable home decor. Which as you'll see, they completely live up to. Out of their entire home decor collection, it's the lamps that are the show-stealer. No wonder they're also their best seller.  What a beautiful (and a vast) collection! From terracotta ones to pinewood ones and from Disney-themed ones to mythological ones - pick any lamp which suits your personality. 

My personal favourites were definitely the carved ones. So, during day time these appear to be normal showpieces. But when switched on during the night, you'll these carvings and objects illuminated. So pretty. If you love flora and fauna, they've got tons of options to spoil you for choice. Looking for something super minimal? They've got that too! 

Their collection starts from INR 2,500. Which is completely worth these beautiful pieces of art. 


Apart from lamps, you can also check out their pinewood planks, wall art trays, wall clocks and a bunch of paintings. 


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