Give Your Furry Babies A Food Upgrade With Kennel Kitchen

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Kennel Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

Kennel Kitchen provides the utmost nutrition and care when it comes to your pets. They have high-quality ingredients with 0 preservatives, all fresh and high in protein and vitamins to give your pet the best care they deserve. They also incorporate fresh veggies and superfoods like turmeric and gooseberry to create a wholesome meal for your pet.

Their food is absolutely free of corn, wheat and soy and they substitute it with fresh veggies so that your furry friend doesn’t get digestive problems and has a happy and healthy gut. They have a whole bunch of ingredients listed on their website which really impressed us. Plus, they don’t add any artificial ingredients and everything is naturally sourced from trusted farmers.

If you’re unable to find good food during the lockdown, opt for Kennel Kitchen as they are delivering. They have dog as well as cat food, with different variants for puppies and kittens. 

Price: INR 450 onwards for 3 boxes of 100gms each.


You can also check their Paw Library to get some helpful advice about how to develop a bond with your furry friend, how to groom them and much more.


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