Umbrellas, Raincoats & More: Prep For The Monsoon With These Brands & Products

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Monsoons have arrived and we’re gearing up for this season in an extra careful way. Whether you're looking for umbrellas for when you head out, or rainproof jackets and raincoats for your bike rides within and outside the city or rain friendly shoes, we got you. Now, you can always hit up local stores for these, but if the monsoon is keeping you at home, and you can't trust the quality of Amazon products (we've been there), here are some brands you can trust for rain-proof products. 

Sun Umbrellas For Sturdy Umbrellas

Sun Umbrellas

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Can’t do without them, can we? Sun Umbrellas are found in almost every household and rightly so. Their umbrellas are sturdy, can stand the winds and will not give up on you even after years of use. They have great colours and range spans from plain umbrellas to many with designs and options. You can get 2-fold ones, 3-fold ones and the simple stick umbrellas. They also have cute options for kids and huge umbrellas which can fit the whole family.

Price: INR 350 – INR 2,500

Classic Umbrellas For All Types Of Umbrellas

Whatever kind of umbrella you want (be it for practical purposes or aesthetics), check out Classic Umbrellas. Not only do they have the more compact single and double-fold umbrellas, they also have the long ones. Both ran and sun umbrellas are available, so go through the product description before making a purchase as they're mostly available in bulk quantities (6-12 pieces). They have umbrellas for kids, fancy umbrellas, plain umbrellas, and umbrellas with patterns on them, and fancy options like parasols and Japanese parasol/umbrellas.  

Price: INR 199 upwards for a single piece and INR 660 upwards for straight/long umbrellas (set of 6)

Pro-Tip: If you're looking to buy an outdoor umbrella for your garden, they sell those as well. 

John’s Umbrella Mart For Functional And Multifold Options

This quirky online store is the perfect place to buy all sorts of umbrellas. They have plenty of options to choose from, like one, two, three, and five fold umbrellas, as well as a range of monsoon wear and kids’ themed umbrellas. With unique and vibrant designs paired with a selection of different sizes, John’s Umbrella Mart is an affordable location for all your rainy season needs! 

Price: INR 700 upwards.

Sugarbox Umbrellas For Cute Prints & Colours


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Sugarbox has got the cutest selection of umbrellas, and what’s more, they change colours! They’ve got fun prints like fruit, butterflies, teddy bears, and leaves. The umbrellas come in matching sets and different sizes, perfect for storing in your bag when you’re on the go. There's also one called the Mini Pill Umbrella has folds and neatly slides into a pod that resembles an pill.

Price: INR 1000 upwards. 

India Circus’ Umbrellas For Designer-style Options

These designer umbrellas from India Circus are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Their stock includes three-fold and long umbrellas that come in so many fabulous prints! These umbrellas are designed for any weather, and to reinvent the idea that umbrellas should only be used when it's raining. From birds, greyscale safari, paisley, pink cranes and tropical prints, it's really the perfect way to brighten the rainy months! Pick your favourite fashion-forward umbrella today!

Price: INR 1,500 

Pangolin For Durability


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Pangolin has a great range of durable and colourful umbrellas. They don’t have many small options, but their extra-large products provide great protection from the monsoon rains. They come in a variety of different colours and the handles are beautifully polished wood that complement the umbrellas perfectly. 

Price: INR 2,500 upwards, but they're usually on sale.

Hamster London For Something Fancy

Hamster London

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Hamster London’s umbrellas are simply the best of the best. They’re a little on the pricier side, but their designs are so functional! Their umbrellas come with a carrying pouch and come in a bunch of styles, colours, and finishes. They’ve got pagoda shaped umbrellas, holographic colour options, and even a UV proof finish!

Price: INR 1,700 upwards

First Cry For Kid's Raingear


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Get your kiddo a good memorable raincoat from First Cry: they have over 80 colourful options catering to kids from 18 months of age to 8-year olds. You can shop for raincoats with a Disney theme or according to your kid’s favourite colour. You can also choose the material you want for the raincoat and shop according to your budget.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Wildcraft For Durable Rain Gear


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Being in the adventure gear industry for a while now, they have a host of rain gear, and if it works for camping in tropical forests, it should work for our city commutes too. They have a range of unisex rain jackets, raincheaters, raincoats, rain pants, and rainproof ponchos, and a few of the same rain-wear options for kids as well. They also have rainproof backpacks and bags for laptops as well. 

Price: INR 999 upwards

Colourful Raincoats By Zeel


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Zeel makes winter and rain-proof outerwear for women. No frills, they don't offer more than jackets and raincoats for ladies. But if you're into the colourful, long plastic coats that we used to wear as children (that somehow protected everything!), then this is the best option for you. These are available in a range of colours with and without hoods. They also have rainproof trench coats and jackets.

Price: INR 490 upwards

Decathlon For Functional Rain Gear


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Trust Decathlon for sleek yet functional rainwear. If you head to any of their offline stores, you'll likely find it in their hiking section, but on their website, they have a whole of range raincoats & poncho section that has rainwear for men, women, and kids from their inhouse brands Quechua and Forclaz This includes rain jackets, pants, trench style raincoats, hoodies and parkas too. Decathlon's range of rainwear (unlike other brands), works well beyond the monsoon, as their designs aren't entirely shapeless! They have waterproof footwear too, but mostly meant for hiking in the great outdoors. 

Price: INR 499 upwards

Other Options

Marks & Spencer has this lovely windcheater if it's light rain/drizzly weather. Men, and riders, Royal Enfield has a bunch of rain-friendly jackets that work well for all weather, and last a long time. Sportswear brands also currently have a limited range of rain jackets and raincoats, and we think Adidas and Puma have great, functional options for training days that may see rain. 



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Need gumboots? Versalis has got you covered. They have well-built gumboots and ankle boots made especially for torrential rains. They also have rainwear for men and women. Other options for rain-friendly footwear include these heavy-duty (but still cute) boots by Muji, and most of the footwear range from Crocs. If you're one of those who cannot wear anything but Birkenstocks, then you're in luck with their Super Birki made entirely of PU.

Pro Tip

Marks & Spencer, H&M, and IKEA also have limited options when it comes to rain gear (especially umbrellas). You're likely to get these at the physical outlets as well, but the design/availability varies across stores. 


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