Buy Bags & Accessories Made Using Tetra Packs, Cement Sacks & More For Under INR 1,000

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What Makes It Awesome

A beautiful enterprise and initiative, Joy at Work is upcycling tetra packs, scrap fabric and cement sacks to create gorgeous bags, home décor, accessories and jewellery.

Not only this, Joy At Work also rehabilitates women in Ranthambore. They teach vocational skills such as embroidery, amongst other things. By mobilising women from nearby slums in Whitefield, Bangalore and then using solid waste, something marvellous was created.

All of the accessories are created using waste that would otherwise find its way into the landfills. In other words, non-recyclable products such as plastic bottles aren’t used here. Find gorgeous bags, neckpieces, embroidered iPad covers, hair ties and other upcycled items too.

The sheer volume of waste we create, just by consuming daily is something we need to turn our eyes on, and what better way to contribute than to buy upcycled (and chic) items. We not only end up taking a step towards being eco-friendly, but also provide assistance to someone’s livelihood as well!

Look into responsible fashion and consumption now with Joy At Work. Not to mention, a lot of the items are under INR 250!

Pro Tip

Get in touch with Joy At Work on their Facebook page. They are available at selective offline retailers too. 


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