Craving Sugar? Try These Vegan, Gluten-Free Snacks Instead For A Good Munch

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What Makes It Awesome

When your body craves sugar, it's usually because you haven't eaten properly and have been eating in an irregular manner. What you could do instead, is have some in-between snacks to keep those cravings away. Natch has an exciting range of snacks which we stumbled upon when we tried their coconut caramel chips, and boy oh boy! We’ve found ourselves a treasure trove of flavours. 

Natch’s chips and snacks are all based on the golden rule of keeping it simple. They are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and have no preservatives or artificial flavours. What you get is all-natural, even if it's mild. There are no additives to enhance the flavour or colour of the chips to make them more tempting, it's all derived from real, fresh ingredients. The quantity in each packet is also sufficient to take away your cravings without making you feel super heavy or bloated. 

So, each time you crave sugary snacks or desserts,  Natch is the way to go. You can try their rice crackers, crispy coconut chips (caramel/chilli), whole grain popped chips in the flavour barbeque or salt and pepper. They also have dried mango slices which are really tasty. Get their range on LBB Shop!

Price: INR 100 onwards.


You can get your bag of chips on their website. They are also present in Nature’s Basket and Foodhall.


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