Snackin' Around: This Tiny Dadar Cafe Serves Is A Haven For Coffee Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome

Dadar never disappoints us. Whether it's shopping, exploring, or simply binge-eating, its lanes house everything. This one's a throwback to one such evening when loitering got the best out of us and we stumbled upon Cafe Canefora. Intrigued by the name, aren't you? Let's solve the puzzle for ya! 

Coffea Canefora is the scientific name for what's commonly known as Robusta Coffee. And our current favorite cafe is an expert in whipping up different variants of coffee (hence the name) at pocket-friendly rates. The cafe is pretty tiny, with cutesy flower pots, coffee-bean frames, a coffee-map on a bright orange wall, and has a capacity to comfortably take in ten people.  And the owner is a passionate chef and baker, who along with his family members, runs this outlet so that you can make the most of your snack time.

Our evening began with some Irish Coffee with Chocolate (INR 50). It's their house delicacy and comes with a chocolate stick, and we paired it with some cheesy crispy fries (INR 60). You could also try variants like Canefora Strong, Cold Coffee with Ice Cream, Mocha Coffee with Chocolate, and White Coffee with Cream. To satiate the hunger further, we called for some Paneer Tikka Pizza (INR 100) that had six huge slices, and overload of paneer, and the best of sauces all poured into our dish with love.

In the meanwhile, the owner recommended the grilled Club Sandwich (INR 40), and we're only glad he did. Four generously stuffed, delicious pieces on a plate, clubbed with potato wafers. Probably that's what food coma is! To break the veggie-marathon, we ordered for a chicken burger (INR 60) in which the patty was so thick, soft, and juicy, all at once. But guess what made us feel that we've chosen the right place for snacking around? The Chocolate Brownie Milkshake (INR 50). We ended our evening with this heavenly drink that had toppings of almonds and homemade brownie. 

Canefora's tiny and you may have had a blink and miss with it, but the next time you're in Dadar, we'd suggest you grab a quick bite here with your tribe (or alone with a book/Netflix.) We're all hearts for this and we bet you'd be too. 

What Could Be Better

We really wish they serve more variety in non-vegetarian food in the near future.


Cafe Canefora, like we said, is really tiny. So make sure you don't overcrowd the place. 


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