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A Perfect Monsoon Getaway By Camping In The Wild!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Ananta Ecotel is a conscious luxury tent resort located on one of the oldest Sahyadri ranges near the spiritual land of Trimbakeshwar in Khodala village, Palghar district, Maharashtra. The resort is surrounded by mesmerizing views of natural landscapes, mountains, forest, waterfalls, wildlife, organic fields of vegetables and fruits, local villages and the area is one of the world’s ten “Hottest biodiversity hotspots” and has over 7,402 species of flowering plants. This earthy resort is spread across 15 acres of land and it’s a huge space where different activities are scattered in different areas. The area has many trekking trails around and is also known for spiritual awakening spots surrounded by all elements of nature, making it a perfect place for healing, meditation and relaxing your mind, body and soul. They have even build shacks for people to have some me time where they can reset themselves. They have camping tents with common bathrooms, luxury tents with private bathrooms and modern amenities, conference room, open dining area with barbecue arrangements, activity area etc. The place is very peaceful and relaxing and it also has an Agri Tourism certificate. Wild Camping in most cases can be dangerous e.g. wildlife, crime or risk of severe weather conditions, but this resort just makes it all easy for you and that too in a very luxurious way. The best and fastest route to reach the resort from Mumbai is by road. It is approximately 3-hour drive from Mumbai till Ananta Resort at, Khandala village. Do check Google maps depending on your location for fastest route options and also download IRTC app for train updates. We travelled by car and it was a smooth drive from the Wada – Khodala road which is beautiful and because of the monsoon season we experienced heavy rainfall throughout the way which was spellbinding and made our journey even more fun. The tents we stayed in were very comfortable. They were weatherproof and had guaranteed protection from moisture, insects, and other unsavoury bits of nature. The ambience of the resort, views and landscapes were awesome. It had all the facilities we required. The services were also excellent where we didn’t have to wait for long hours to get our meals as everything was prepared on time and served fresh to us. The food is so delicious out here, you will get authentic local village organic food cooked by the local villagers. There are also camping rules you need to follow which you will learn once you reach there. It’s the dos and doesn't when you come across wildlife and how you must take care of the tents. There are endless activities, sightseeing and things you can do at Ananta Ecotel Resort. Adventure sports, Water sports, Trekking trails, fishing, Stargazing, Campfire, Rappelling, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Archery in Jungle, Slake Line, Events and entertainment etc. Overall Value for Money? Ambience: 5/5* Service: 5/5* Staff: local villagers: 5/5* Hygiene: 5/5* (for jungle standards) Food: 5/5* (Buffet meals) Accommodation and Stay: Perfect tents 5/5* Prices: Depends on the packages you pick Facilities & Amenities: 5/5* as the place is under construction and we had absolutely no issues in the jungle. Restrooms: 4/5* this could be a new experience for people and just needs a few fixes. But I enjoyed it. * Pet-Friendly *Great for Family Outdoor Vacation *Great for Backpackers *Great for Wildlife photographers *Amazing for Camping in the Wild *Amazing for Adventure sports and trekking *Amazing for Spiritual healing, yoga and meditation *Kids Friendly *Parking: Available for private cars *Wifi: A Technology free zone hence no wifi, but networks like Jio and Vodafone work fine over here. Airtel doesn’t work here. Overall Value for Money 5/5. I visited this resort for Camping in the Wild experience and it was one of the best adventurous experience of my life. Must Visit! Highly Recommended!

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