Can You Guess Which Mumbai Restaurant Serves These Epic Burgers?

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Do you know your Jimmy’s from your Indigo? Can you tell a burger by its layers, patties and fillings? Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge on just how well you know these famously epic burgers - throwing in the good old restaurants that serve them. Try it for yourself and don’t blame us for those hunger pangs.

Good luck!

@import url(""); @import url(""); Woodside Inn The Little Door Correct! Wrong!


Hard Rock Cafe Indigo Delicatessen Correct! Wrong!


Jimmy's Burger Howra Correct! Wrong!


Cafe Universal IMBISS Meating Joint Correct! Wrong!


TGIF Jimmy's Burger Correct! Wrong!


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This is the XL Burger served at The Little Door and has nine layers including tomato salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, the patty, house coleslaw, chicken salami and a fried egg. "},"12":{"ai0099":"29","e9878":"

This is the legendary 10 ounce burger at Hard Rock Cafe. It’s got six layers, including a buffalo patty, merlot butter, two bacon strips, a slice of cheese, onion rings and oh, fries on the side."},"13":{"ai0099":"24","e9878":"

This is the Godfather burger at Howra, Breach Candy. It's got 12 layers, with lettuce, three mutton patties, three cheese layers, onion rings, caramelised onions and three types of sauces."},"14":{"ai0099":"25","e9878":"

This is the OMG burger at Cafe Universal and has layers — a dozen of them, to be exact — five buffalo meat patties, five slices of Britannia cheese, sauteed onions and tomato slices."},"15":{"ai0099":"28","e9878":"

Lo and behold, this is the famous Jawbreaker burger at Jimmy's Burger. It’s got seven layers, including double chicken patties, double bacon, salami, a fried egg and cheese."}}}; /* Global var */ var quizName = "Can You Guess Where You\‘ll Find These Epic Burgers?"; var quizId = 2; var totalCountQuestions = 5; var askEmail = false; var askNickname = false; var forceToShare = false; var wpvq_type = "WPVQGameTrueFalse"; var wpvq_hideRightWrong = false; var wpvq_refresh_page = false; var wpvq_browser_page = 0; var wpvq_answersStatus = []; var wpvq_countQuestions = false; var wpvq_scroll_top_offset = 0; var wpvq_scroll_speed = 750; var wpvq_autoscroll_next_var = true; var wpvq_progressbar_content = 'percentage'; var wpvq_wait_trivia_page = 1000; var i18n_wpvq_needEmailAlert = "You have to give your e-mail to see your results."; var i18n_wpvq_needNicknameAlert = "You have to give your nickname to see your results."; var wpvq_local_caption = 'I got %%score%% of 5 right'; var wpvq_refresh_url = '//'; var wpvq_share_url = ''; var wpvq_facebook_caption = 'I got %%score%% of 5 right, and you ?'; var wpvq_facebook_description = '%%details%%'; var wpvq_facebook_picture = null; var wpvq_redirection_page = ''; /* */ var ajaxurl = "https:\/\/\/mumbai\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php"; var wpvq_imgdir = "https:\/\/\/mumbai\/wp-content\/plugins\/wp-viral-quiz\/views\/img\/"; /* */ /* */ var wpvq_dont_use_FBAPI = "false"; var wpvq_API_already_loaded = "true"; var wpvq_facebookAppID = [""]; var wpvq_forceFacebookShare = "false"; /* */


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