Check Out This Outlet Serving Lip Smacking Food!

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A Cricketer, A Chartered Accountant, A Celebrity Manager and now A Chef . The C’s are just Chasing him! The man behind C’s now offering u Exemplary, Delicious and Lip Smacking meals be it Ala Carte Indian and International cuisine or Gujarati Tiffins for lunch. Certainly don’t miss this C of him as never would you get satisfied till you’ve had his Food! His kitchen, Unlockdown Kitchen, has curated some special menus for Diwali which are a must order (or must gift) to celebrate this festival with your loved ones.

Diwali special 🎊

1. 1 Appetiser
2. 1 soup
3. 2 Main Course
4. 1 Rice
5. Beverages & Dessert