Can't Keep That Expensive Leather Clean? Leave It To PresstoZapato

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Your favourite Fendi bag or Ferragamo shoes are more than just items. They are luxury essentials that deserve extra care and attention. But despite everything, these items sometimes undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years. Enter PRESSTOZAPATO, a comprehensive dry cleaning service that repairs all your expensive items and returns them to their former glory.

From leathers jackets to wallets, here are four items from your wardrobe that you can send to PRESSTOZAPATO specialists.

Leather Jackets

Everyone has their own favourite leather jackets that they love and cannot live without. Despite its versatility, leather jackets tend to get damaged over the years. But fear not because with their emphasis on high quality and technologically superior advancements, PRESSTOZAPATO professionals can make your leather jacket last longer and look gorgeous at the same time.


So you refuse to throw away your torn wallet because you have an emotional connect to it? Well fret not because PRESSTOZAPATO will ensure the highest level of care and craftsmanship, while giving your wallet a new lease of life. After all, nothing reflects sophistication and style like a well kept wallet.

Leather Belts

Trust us, it is the little things that eventually end up making a big difference. So whether you’re dressing for a job interview, a night out, or a day at the office, it is important to accessorise it right. Leather belts fit right into that bracket but are again susceptible to damage over the years. Since leather products are really delicate in nature, you need to give them to professional cleaners who can restore them without damaging them in any manner.


Whether it is the leather shoes or the expensive heels, both pairs of footwear require care in order to enhance its longevity. So whether you want to replace the sole of your shoe or replace a broken heel,PRESSTOZAPATO professionals are more than capable of restoring the balance in them.

This story is in partnership with PRESSTOZAPATO.