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Gothic Desserts, Anyone? This Mumbai Restaurant Is Serving Up Pitch-Black Pav Bhaji

    Bandra West, Mumbai


    If you love pav bhaji as much as we do, and are up for experimenting a little with one of the city’s most famous local dishes, then try the carbon pav bhaji at Masala Bar in Bandra.

    Say Whaaat?

    When it comes to pav bhaji, we all love it spicy and tangy! But now, imagine a completely black-coloured dish ornate with gorgeously coloured floral elements! Yes, thats exactly how Masala Bar serves its pav bhaji. Carbon black pao and a perfect khada bhaji loaded with nutritious elements, this one will surely make you come back for more. What’s more is that the buns do not taste any different, but still remain aesthetically appealing.

    Anything Else?

    You could also try their cardamom cheesecake {loaded with flavours of cardamom and mango, it even had the much needed crunch in the form of a thin, crispy caramelized banana waffle}. It’s simply delicious and we firmly believe that with desserts, indulgence is never a sin. They also make a tasty berry cooler {this is a delightful combination of all the berries with no syrups used}.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re drawn towards tasting this black a.k.a. carbon pav bhaji, we say you waste no time contemplating.

      Bandra West, Mumbai