Ten-Second Takeaway

Love your feline friends? Don’t have pets of your own but want to find some to cuddle with and help out? Volunteer with the Cat Café Studio – no matter what part of the city you live in.

What Does It Involve?

The Cat Café Studio is what dreams are made of for all us cat ladies – and gents. The Versova café {which is India’s first cat café} is home to a number of fostered cats – around 15 on average can be found lounging there on any given day. The café doubles up as an adoption centre, an animal shelter and a place where we can go hang out with the cats for any additional costs.

They are now looking for volunteers to help them out. There is no limit on the number of volunteers that can be taken on. The last day to apply is this Friday, ie, October 7. The volunteers are needed for on-field work – managing the café, interacting with visitors, talking to potential adopters, kittens and cats medicines, vet visits, house checks, adoption awareness and merchandise sales. They also want people for off-field activities such as social media, online PR, donation assistance and on-ground promotions.

If this seems like a lot, worry not – the café says that they will be taking your preferences and locations into account. So if you’re in the mood for hanging with the kitties, that may be arranged for. If you’re not located in Andheri, then they will find work convenient to your home, as well as the amount of time you would like to dedicate to this volunteering. {If you want to spend some time with pets without leaving your home, check this out as well.}

So, We’re Saying…

What are you waiting for? Get some quality time with some purring cats, and help out the cause at the same time.  We also know a bunch of other animal shelters you can work at if this doesn’t work out. #adoptdontshop

Check out their Facebook page here for more details. Sign up on this form to begin the volunteering process.

Featured photo source: Cat Café Studio