Enjoy Your Saturday Night With Amazing Drinks & Food In Khar!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Looking for a place to spend your Saturday night? Head to this new outlet of London Taxi!

I went here with my friends for partying on Saturday Night. Classy ambiance with a huge bar table with lots of drinks to choose from.

For drinks, we ordered:

1. Espresso Martini: People who love coffee should definitely go for this drink. It was basically a vodka-based drink given a flavor of the coffee.

2. Divine Passion: Gin based drink. Quite mild.

3. Red Wine Sangria: Favourite.

4. Rose and cucumber Gin: Quite average.

5. Smokey Old Fashioned: This was totally lit. Whiskey-based drink and given the flavor of cinnamon.

6. Detox Mocktail: It was basically a watermelon based drink without any alcohol added to it. Amazing.

7. Puppy Passion Mocktail: Those who prefer sour drinks should go for this.

8. LT Oreo Shake: Basically a chocolate and oreo milkshake. Yummm.

9. Orange and Lime G&T: This was my other favorite.

10. Sazerac: Whiskey based drink. Quite amazing.

For soup and salads, we tried:

1. Watermelon Feta mousse salad: This wasn't that great. The presentation was amazing but the taste was quite okay.

2. Kale Apple and Nuts Salad: This was a star for me. Kale, Apple, Berries, Almonds and walnut salad. This was so so so good. I could literally it every day.

3. Roasted Cauliflower and miso soup: A little mild and so satisfying.

For Appetizers, we tried:

1. Veg Bao: It was a charcoal bao filled with so many exotic veggies served with sour cream. That charcoal flavor was a total hit. Loved it.

2. Cream cheese Broccoli: Little less cooked but taste-wise quite amazing.

3. Cottage cheese Tikka: The mandatory paneer starter. Marinated and served with pickled onions and green chutney. Tasty.

For mains, we tried:

1. Earl grey tea-smoked Dal Makhni: It was butter garlic naan served with creamy dal makhani naan had a prominent taste of garlic which made it more delicious and the creaminess of dal makhani. This combination couldn't get any better. Don't miss out on this.

2. Veg Korena chili rice: Amazing is the word. I loved the flavor of rice and fried noodles. Delicious.

3. LT Masala Flatbread: Flatbread with onion and bell pepper toppings. It did not taste bland at all. But instead, it was super delicious. Loved it.

4. Jain Flatbread: It had Jain pizza sauce with only tomato toppings and to my surprise, this did not taste bland.

For desserts, we tried:

1. Coconut Panna Cotta: so unique and so yummy.

2. Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse: It was basically a whiskey-based dark chocolate mousse! The presentation and taste both were totally hit. Don't miss this.

This new place in Khar is a must-try!

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