Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai: Tried These Charcoal-Infused Dishes Yet?

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Eat, pray and heal: activated charcoal isn’t just a fancy food trend, it’s healthy too! A trend that was introduced a couple of years ago in New York is now a rage all over the world, and we love what Mumbai has to offer! Her is a list of our favourite charcoal-infused food items in Mumbai.

Charcoal Nachos, Sandy’s Den, Chembur

Your favourite munchies now come in a brand new avatar at Sandy’s Den! Infused with charcoal, the Carbon Nachos are black in colour, and  is one of the hot selling items on the menu. If you’re feeling adventurous, go in for the charcoal base pizza, or the Charcoal Chapati (INR 30!)

Price: INR 190 for the veg variant and INR 260 for the chicken variant

Black Hummus, Sante Spa Cuisine

Santé Spa Cuisine is at the top of their game with a huge menu dedicated only to health food, and activated charcoal makes for an important ingredient! Their Black Hummus is quite a hit with patrons. Instead of pita bread, it is served with multi-grain khakra!

Price: INR 450

Black Lychee Ice Cream, Huber & Holly

The Black Lychee ice-cream might look intimidating, but one bite into a creamy scoop and you’ll be thinking of round two! This lychee ice-cream has activated charcoal as the main ingredient, and is quite a hit with patrons. Try the Black Gold sundae if you’re feeling indulgent - it’s got a scoop each of charcoal lychee ice cream and the golden chocolate ice-cream, and comes topped with roasted almonds, assorted fruits and gulab gulkand.

Price: INR 125 a scoop for the ice cream, and INR 200 for the sundae

Black Triple Threat Sundae, Ice Kraft

The Black Triple Threat has black ice-cream, a brownie, cookies and Nutella - this sundae is heaven for chocoholics. The ice-cream cone comes with an activated charcoal base, brownie, Oreo cookies, Nutella, white chocolate and orange chocolate, topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream. 

Icekraft has a whole separate section of their menu dedicated to charcoal-infused foods, so go crazy!

Price: INR 215

BBQ Paneer Burger at The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

The BBQ Paneer Burger has a black bun holding together juicy, juicy bits of paneer. Served with their amazing house wedges, this meal is basically Instagram fodder that you'll love every of!

Oh and - we know this isn't technically activated charcoal, but Rolling Pin has black rice-based dishes, too. Fun, no?

Price: INR 320 for the BBQ Paneer Burger


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