From Floral To Fantasy, Nilaya’s Wallcovering Collection Is Epic And Here's Why!

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Nilaya Collection of Wallpaper Designs for Home

What Makes It Awesome

Looking for a new look for your house is a task that we all have dealt with (and sometimes failed at). But when you have an expert's help, it can't go wrong. And we found our perfect guides - not one but two in Nilaya from Asian Paints for everything related to wallcoverings, and Good Earth for everything artisanal with a touch of heritage! The Silk Route collection by Good Earth for Nilaya will trigger your wanderlust. Nothing like making your home just like the dreamy landscapes along the ancient Silk Route across Asia, with 3 pattern stories that take us to 3 beautiful places - Charbagh, Palmyra and Xanadu.

For our first stop, we have the Charbagh series of wallpapers inspired by gardens across from Morocco to India and parts across Central Asia. We are sure these elegant wallpapers will remind you of luscious floral gardens that feel like the blooming summer never left. The delicate flowers and the architectural elements of lattice walls will definitely make you feel like a royal! Relive the Mughal era with the intricate Bagh-e-Noor which has delicate flowers that seem to be blooming right off the walls, making the room feel alive. Or Isfahan, which makes you feel like you're peeping out of a lattice window into a lively garden.

Next stop? The Syrian Deserts! If you want your home to feel like an oasis in the desert, Palmyra series of wall coverings are just for you. What intrigued us the most is the fact that their designs are full of colourful fruits, birds and flowers. We bet these wall papers will transform your room into a hidden paradise. Also they fit perfectly if you’re looking for that chic bohemian vibe. Every wallcovering feels like it's telling a story of its own and we can't take our eyes off of it. Paradise gives you an evening in oasis vibes while Bird Song makes you feel like you're attending a party right in the middle of a forest!

Fan of all things fantasy? This third series will take you North of the Great Wall of China. The Xanadu series of wallpapers will appeal to the adventurer in you. The patterns of traditional Chinese buildings like the multi-tiered pagodas, sailboats, elephants under a moonlit promenade, is all you need to spark a story! Giant lilies and the exotic birds are more ingredients of this fantastical epic. August Moon from this collection feels like a picture book coming alive on your walls with its touch of Midas. Peony Garden is pretty & charming, as it brings a sense of calm and peace, especially after a long day at work.

Check out their detailed catalogue to find the perfect colour combination for your homes as you design each room into a destination from the fabled Silk Route!