#LikeAChef: Paul Kinny On The Best Seafood Curry {And Other Local Secrets}

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Paul Kinny, a hearty-laughed and well-established fine dining chef in Mumbai recently spoke to LBB about his relationship with food. In his years as a chef in Mumbai, he has helped open up many fine-dining restaurants, including Pa Pa Ya, and is currently the chef at 212 All Good and the soon-to-open Shizusan {opening February 4, check out the details here}.

Despite all this, he finds that some of the best food he has eaten belongs not to fancy restaurants, but little joints he stumbles across in the city. Here are some of his favourites.

For Seafood

Chef Paul Kinny loves his seafood at the humble Shubha Bhojanalaya. Must-haves are the home-style seafood curry they make there and rice bhakri {hot and delicious}.

For Indian Kebabs

Once a chef there, Paul Kinny now recommends Kebab Korner on Marine Drive for some of the best kebabs in Mumbai, especially the seekh kebabs.

For Pav Bhaji

Like many in the city, Paul Kinny, too, has a soft corner for the iconic Sardar Pav Bhaji for his dose of buttery goodness. He does, however, think that the butter has become excessive there.

For Vada Pav

With vada pav sold a dime a dozen, it’s difficult to know which ones are worth it. Chef Paul Kinny loves to pick up his share from the vada pav stall outside Kirti College, Ashok Vada Pav. If you want to know more about what makes it so delicious, check our recommendation on it here.

For Bhurji Pav

Anda Bhurji plays a dual role in our lives, a filling breakfast option and a great late night munchie too. Chef Paul Kinny, when he is not hobnobbing with the great chefs in fine dining restaurants, can be seen munching on the bhurji pav sold by street vendors outside Churchgate station.


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