Chocolate Soil Or Brown Butter Cookie? Chef Shares 5 Unique Desserts To Order In

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Let's face it. Things have been tough lately. But when it comes to looking for silver linings, few things do a better job than a good old dessert. While I have been known to indulge in more than my fair share of classic Dutch Truffle cake (it's a classic for a reason guys!) or one of those yummy old-school lemon tarts, every now and then we want something a little different. At least I do. And that's why I reached out to Chef Pratik Kukreja (or Chef Kucks) of Fat is Flavour for some of his personal recommendations of home bakers and their unique desserts that are knocking it out of the park. 

Are you drooling yet? We hope so! To know the amazing desserts he's chosen for us, read on.

With valuable inputs and photographs provided by Chef Kucks. 

Chocolate Soil by Chef Pratik Kuckreja

A dessert is best eaten out of a pot especially when it comes with chunky layers of chocolate chip, silky soil crumble and toasted praline coated in irresistible layers of Belgian chocolate. We've been big fans of Chef Pratik's to-die-for Chocolate Soil since they started and their new flavours are innovative AF. Whether it's Toasted S'mores Soil, Nutella Crunch Soil, Rocher Praline Soil or Davidoff Coffee Soil, hit them up for decadent pots of Chocolate Soil to show up at your front door!

Watch out for: Their new launch, the Biscoff flavoured Chocolate Soil coming soon on their Instagram handle and in our lives.

Order from: Fat is Flavour

Chocolate Noir Madeleine by Jeena Billimoria

Started during the lockdown in June 2020, Jeena Billimoria's journey is pretty awesome. Her lighter-than-air madeleines are proof that you don't need to travel to Paris to get a whiff of butter and french chocolate in your kitchen. Chef Pratik lists Brown Butter and Chocolat Noir as the most authentic flavours to come out of Jeena's french-style chic brand!

Watch out for: Their Yuzu Madeleine, it encapsulates an undertone of citrus on a crisp palette

Order from: Jeena J Billimoria Fine Confectionery

Mango Choux by Krishna Punjabi

Krishna Punjabi's love for Choux Pastry is an ode to her baking journey and choice in keeping it creamy and delectable. Simple and enthralling in equal measure, Chef Pratik's favourite pick is Gourmet Palate's double-cooked rich pastry dough with a burst of fresh mango. He tells us, the luscious fragment of Mango layered beautifully over the Choux is just dainty and divine!

Order from: Gourmet Palate

Laminated Pastry by Pratik Ghadigaonkar

Think a buttery charcoal croissant stuffed with mascarpone and raspberry, Chef Pratik's pick in viennoiserie is this perfectly flaky, rich and buttery croissant in toothsome flavour pairings by Sugar Story. Pratik Ghadigaonkar's magic unfolds in the oven and his updates on slicing a croissant open to show you the laminated texture are absolutely scrumptious ! 

Watch out for: Their hand-rolled dough bakes - croissants, papparoti and brioche

Order from: Sugar Story

Brown Butter Jaggery Cookie by Ruchika Vyas

While the world is understandably swooning over the Nutella-Sea Salt pairing, Chef Pratik finds the soft-batch bakes at House of Cookies feeding the cookie monsters in all of us. Their Brown Butter Jaggery Cookie brings out the earthiness of delicate toffee in its atypical match with jaggery and has only left us connoisseurs asking for more.

Order from: House of Cookies