Hog On Chhole Sandwiches And More At Sai Ganesh Near St. Xaviers

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Sai Ganesh sandwich stall, as the name says it, is a small stall in the lane next to St. Xavier’s college and serves, what we think are some of the best street-side sandwiches we’ve ever eaten.

Chow Down

The Sai Ganesh sandwich stall is put up just in the lane next to St. Xavier’s College, CST. This sandwich stall will change the way you think about sandwiches. The owner, Prakash More, makes a pretty good variety of sandwiches so we’re always confused about which one to choose. From the basic potato masala to schezwan sandwich, there’s everything here. You ask for any combination and it’s there this sandwich wala will give you just that. The stall is usually put up during college hours, so you can expect to seem him doling out specialties such as chhole sandwich, cheese capsicum sandwich and more between 10am to 6pm. You could also call him on +919833651684.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re ready to go anywhere for good street food, and these sandwiches are already calling out to us {again}.


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