Meat-Lovers, Chorizo Rice Is The Most Underrated Item On The Imbiss Menu

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You don’t necessarily have to be a rice lover but certainly a meat fanatic to savour this wholesome preparation at Imbiss – The Meating Joint.

Chow Down

Well, to begin with, it’s basically spicy Mexican chorizo cooked with rice. No rocket science there, but the taste is certainly out of this world.

They serve a hearty portion {only for INR 269, minus taxes} topped with sautéed mushrooms, a perfectly fried sunny side up and some fresh lettuce on the side. It’s one of those dishes that you’d want to go back for more. Imbiss mainly serves non-vegetarian European cuisine and particularly German food that one may not find as easily in Mumbai. It’s not fine dine by nature, but a comfortable setup in three varied locations across Mumbai – Bandra, Kalina and Colaba and is quite reasonably priced.

So, We're Saying...

It’s not an easy task to find value for money food (especially non-vegetarian) so if you’re a hardcore meat lover and open to the idea of eating food that isn’t “typically Indian”, then give this place and the chorizo rice a shot!

Check out Taarini’s Facebook page here, and her website here


Order in a portion of their classic sausages or schnitzels on the side and you’re pretty sorted… I promise!


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