This Is The Only Place In Town You Can Get Ice Cream In A Churro Cone

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Ever tried ice cream in a churro cone? You can at IceKraft, a new joint which has opened its doors recently in Oshiwara.

Chow Down

A classic Spanish dessert, churros are a fried-dough pastry – predominantly a choux-based snack. Here, you can get churro cones for a bunch of ice cream flavours such as coffee, berries, marshmallow and more.

They also serve insanely good French fries, red velvet waffles, cheese and herbs waffles and ice creams. And get this they even serve deep-fried Oreos.

Sip On

Our overall favourite here is the Nutella freakshake, which is heavy and delicious – loaded with ice cream, Oreos, chocosticks, and Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

Anything Else?

Everything here is very affordable {waffles start at INR 100}. You will often find the owner there, who can personally recommend what you should try.


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