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City Life Feeling Too Dull? This Online Store Will Help You Add A Must-Have Splash Of Green To Your Home Or Office!


Great For

Dreaming of a country life amidst the busy streets and tall buildings of the city? Hang on! Here is an instant and pocket-friendly way to enjoy a refreshing get-away of farms and gardens at home. Ugaoo is an online initiative that will take care of pretty much all your planting needs for your compact balconies/terraces or busy homes. Isn’t that all we were looking for to get over procrastination of gardening?

Sustainable Styling For Your Homes

Skip the hassle of going to nurseries for your gardening needs. At Ugaoo, you can explore and order a range of pots, plants, seeds, tools, garden structures, and plant care in just a click. We are going to hop in the cab and get adding our green needs to the cart now! 

Maintenance Not Your Thing? 

Our 9 to 5 lifestyle leaves us with no time to look after plants. But now you need not skip the idea of a greener home. Switch to Ugaoo’s low maintenance plants like Aloe vera and Spider plant for a healthier environment. They require very little to no maintenance and are perfect for the tropical climate. What is even better? Ugaoo also offers some special self-watering pots to take care of them while you are gone. 

Your Own Mini Air-Purifiers

Dump those expensive indoor air-purifiers and welcome home some natural beauties from Ugaoo at super-feasible prices. Place an Areca palm and a Fern emina on the corner table and watch it turn into a beautiful spot, that supplies you fresh air after a day full consumption of pollution and oxidants. 

Pooches Around The House?

Do you have animals around the house and are worried about those ticks and skin allergies from the indoor plants? Worry not! Ugaoo has special range of animal friendly plants that will be as good for their health as to yours.

Spice Up Those Dull Interiors

It is nothing but the fact that a little greenery in or around the house can make it a livelier and happier place to be in. Ugaoo offers a super cute and vibrant range of plants that can brighten up the dull corners of any house. Get these gorgeous beauties in ceramic or plastic pots, add them against those vacant white walls and watch them grow into your favourite tea-sipping or reading spot too. 

So, We’re Saying…

These plants can be the perfect gift for your buddies who’re looking to spruce up their homes. Style your house with these organic plants from Ugaoo to add a pop of colour and vibrancy. Ugaoo makes being a plant parent super easy, and they even deliver to remote parts of the country. How cool is that?