Clothes, Home Decor & More: There's A Luxury Store In Colaba That You Must Check Out



    Nestled in an old art decor quarter is a quaint luxury retail store called Clove on the pretty streets of Colaba. We explore what’s on the roster.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Clove is another pin on the luxury stores map in the city. At the helm is hotelier and entrepreneur Samyukta Nair who envisioned Clove as a welcoming space that allows one to linger and be as if you are shopping in the comfort of your own home.

    The selection includes brands known and loved across men and womenswear like Dhruv Kapoor, Aish, Kardo and Lacquer Embassy. Brands like Jewelry by Misho, home linen by Anavila and Shift, objects from Claymen, sleepwear from Dandelion and Fiona Caulfields’ Love Travel Guides are available at the store. It also introduces obscure but awesome labels like Untitled Co, IkkaDukka, Atelier DS Other Kingdom and others. 

    Classic yet eclectic, it appeals to a diverse set - for gifting, for the local, for ones who love to travel and even collectors. 


    If your pockets are full of money and heart is full of sunshine, head here with your shopper and indulge in some retail therapy.