A Pizza Topped With French Fries? Here's Where You Can Get This Insane Combo

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The only thing that can make a cheesy pizza even more delicious is adding fries on top of it, and we tell you where you can get it.

Fry-Day Every Day

At Café Chokkolade, there’s a lot to applaud, from the sweet waffles to a corn cheese sandwich. But their french fries pizza takes the cake every single time. The pizza is made on a thick crust and the taste is reminiscent of a college canteen pizza, albeit a delicious one we’d go back for.

This can be eaten in different flavours: the classic french fries pizza {INR 150} and even a masala fries pizza {INR 190}. It’s a small 6-inch pizza, and the pictures aren’t always to scale, so we recommend that you order one per person.

They have outlets in Borivali, Panvel and Vashi.

So, We're Saying...

The pizza is the combination of epic proportions, and we will definitely be visiting soon or asking a friend from the area to bring it along. You should try it too!


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